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LEGO is going to launch plant-based...

When you hear the word LEGO the first thing that comes to mind are of course the plastic bricks. A...

A way to make efficient growing of c...

Since 1990 the rising demand for coffee has led to a 150 percent increase in coffee farmlands in...

8 Ways to Help the Planet

1. Use Energy Efficient Lightbulbs Energy efficient lightbulbs are a simple way to reduce the...

What we do?

We Choose Nature is an online platform to create a global awareness for a more sustainable way of life. By giving worldwide initiatives the opportunity to present themselves and share news, information and tips we inspire everyone with a respect for nature to start to take action.

Our mission

By sharing knowledge we can all benefit and work towards a greener planet.

Supported project: justdiggit

We are proud to say the first initiative we are supporting is Justdiggit. Justdiggit’s mission is to launch large scale integrated landscape restoration projects across the globe. Read more ›


Initiatives shared by you

Ambá- Conviviendo en Naturaleza- Si...

Maximiliano Costa
Uruguay, Sierras de Rocha