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Justdiggit invites the world to pick up the green shovel and help combat climate change. The green shovel stands for action. The discussion about climate change and endless debating on how to prevent global drought is taking too much precious time. It’s time for action instead of empty words.

Through Justdiggit’s campaigns the world is invited to help by contributing to this on (and off)line platform. We aim to inspire consumers, schools, artists and companies to go off the beaten path. Follow in the footsteps of Desmond Tutu and André Kuipers in their green revolution by becoming an ambassador and help to create an awareness or raise funds for the projects which are being developed by Justdiggit.

That’s why We Choose Nature supports Justdiggit!

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With your donation you’re contributing to a cooler planet and supporting Justdiggit in their mission to create a greener world for future generations to come.

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