About We Choose Nature

We Choose Nature is an online platform to create a global awareness for a more sustainable way of life. By giving global and local initiatives the opportunity to present themselves to the world and share news, information and tips, we inspire everyone with a respect for nature to start to take action.

We live in a world that is getting warmer and warmer. Health and care for the environment has become increasingly important. Now is the time to unite and work together to prevent any further damage.

We Choose Nature has derived itself from BIOCANNA. BIOCANNA is an organic line of fertiliser products. BIOCANNA products are 100% plant based, using only the highest quality organic ingredients. BIOCANNA does not contain any animal ingredients or by-products. The main advantage of this is that the product's composition is much better atuned to the plant's needs. BIOCANNA boasts a very tightly controlled production process, from the raw produce to the final product, so that you are guaranteed the best result every time. The aim of organic farming is to produce healthy crops in a sustainable manner and in harmony with nature. Inspiring everyone to grow 100% organically and work towards a greener way of life with a respect for nature.

About We Choose Nature

To support the BIOCANNA mission and emphasise the importance of preserving our environment we have created the non-profit platform, We Choose Nature . We Choose Nature invites all green initiatives worldwide, from huge internationally operating organisations down to small local herb gardens, to share their stories and findings with the rest of the world. By sharing knowledge we can all benefit and work towards a greener planet.


In a world where health and care for the environment are increasingly important, BIOCANNA offers a completely organic solution for growth. BIOCANNA growers are aware of nature, the environment and their own health.