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Plastic-free aisle in Dutch supermar...

Because of its convenience and hygienic qualities plastic has become very widespread all across the...

Biophilic office design makes you ha...

Biophilic, what exactly does that mean? It is based on the ‘biophilia hypothesis’. The biophilia...

Throwing away food is history at thi...

Wasting food is a growing problem we’re facing in the Western world. Fortunately, more and more...

What we do?

We Choose Nature is an online platform to create a global awareness for a more sustainable way of life. By giving worldwide initiatives the opportunity to present themselves and share news, information and tips we inspire everyone with a respect for nature to start to take action.

Our mission

By sharing knowledge we can all benefit and work towards a greener planet.

Supported project: justdiggit

We are proud to say the first initiative we are supporting is Justdiggit. Justdiggit’s mission is to launch large scale integrated landscape restoration projects across the globe. Read more ›


Initiatives shared by you

Sharing Sherwood – Tackling food was...

Greg Hewitt
Sherwood Methodist Church, Nottingham, NG5 2EN

The Remarkable Recycling Gala

Greg Hewitt
74 Middle Street, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, NG9 2AR

Ambá- Conviviendo en Naturaleza- Si...

Maximiliano Costa
Uruguay, Sierras de Rocha