In Rehamna near Marrakech, Morocco, Justdiggit started the second African Hydrologic Corridor project. It will be a full scale project covering 3,000 hectares of land. It also acts as the first project of the projected full Hydrologic Corridor in Morocco.

MoroccoA good example of the extreme drought in Morocco.

The project introduced several different restoration techniques with proven reliability. Where possible these techniques are integrated into already existing projects and best practices. Because of the diversity resilience is created. The project area is divided in three different zones. Each zone will have a different approach with different techniques.

Different types of trees will be planted assisted by so-called Elements de Banquettes. Elements de banquettes are types of terraces made from earth bunds that have a variable height and length. These terraces are built along contours in staggered rows. Trees benefit from these because it allows them to capture runoff water more effectively. Trees will be combined with controlled grazing to provide a healthy mixture of suitable grazing grounds and vegetation.

MoroccoIn this project we will plant 6.000 cactuses.

Rocks will be removed from croplands to increase productivity. By making use of these loosened rocks, barriers can be created to further slow down the water. Infiltration will increase and the fertile soil and seeds can be captured. For stability, plants such as cactus are planted. The community benefits from this because fruits from these plants can be harvested.

Water which is currently flowing away and causing downstream flooding, will be captured by the gullies and used for irrigation of fruit trees. On existing irrigated farms techniques to reduce water consumption will be introduced and create more diverse and resilient vegetation.

MoroccoTo create commitment and get local ownership we inform the population and get them involved. The local population wants to see things changed; the community meetings are packed!

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